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Things To Do Before F1 Qualifiers

A beginner's guide to Indy & F1 qualifying

As McLaren prepares to take on the famous Brick Yard on May 26 and the Monaco Grand Prix ends on the same date, we bring you all to learn about the qualifying formats of the Indy 500 and Formula


1. Need. IndyCar qualifying


2. Each car has to go through a technical inspection process and receive a sticker that allows it to participate in qualifying. All vehicles must line up 30 minutes before the start of the session.


3. Each car is guaranteed one run on Saturdays, with an F1 Qualifying (F1 kwalificatie) run consisting of four-time lapses. Each entry receives two warm-up laps before starting in four flying laps, the average speed of which is registered as the official qualifying time. As a result, cars with positions 10 to 30 are locked in in-grid slots for racing and cannot be re-qualified the next day.


4. Once the cars line up, teams can only adjust the front and rear arm angles, and the tires apply pressure. Once the vehicle qualifies, the same ring wing central plane has to be placed on the car for the rest of the air.


5. Entrants signaled the qualification effort's formal start by displaying a green flag as the car completes its final lap. The entrant can also use the yellow flag to stop the run or have an abortion before completing all four laps. When the qualifying session is formally over, officials' car signaled to leave, and that is already running with its engine can continue and complete the qualification effort.


6. Once every vehicle has tried to guarantee it, and there is a 'break' in the line. Drivers can then make several more attempts with or without leaving their previous times behind. However, people who decide to take their time back get priority and join the queue at Line 1. People who don't take their time back go to line 2 and only run when line one is empty.


7. The top nine cars on Saturday have been put in the Fast Nine shootout on Sunday, determining the start order of the first three rows. All current qualifying times for these nine cars are now over from Saturday.


8. The exchange of fire in the last row has taken place on Sunday 12: 15-13: 15 EST for those cars who could not complete their guaranteed attempt due to mechanical condition or on-track accident on Saturday and were prevented from making a second attempt was stopped.


9. These cars will run according to the order prepared on Friday and may 'collide' with the race's slowest qualifying cars. Regardless of speed, they will start from behind, behind all F1 Qualifying (F1 kwalificatie) cars on Saturday. Cars that collide are allowed to run again, and an attempt will be made to join the race. Cars coming in 31st position or less on Saturday will also be part of the last row shootout on Sunday.


10. Fast Nine Shootout begins at 13:15 EST to determine the first nine locations on the grid, with the ninth day running first from Saturday. Cars have to line up 45 minutes before the session. Any vehicle that does not complete the entire four-leap qualifying run reaches the bottom of the final order, and in this case, it’s week times are used as its official qualifying result.

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