Not been feeling it or Cant? Check whether it's time to see a professional.

The persistent absence of fantasies or thoughts related to sex and the low desire to practice it may suggest a possible disorder of sexual desire. A disorder does not mean a momentary loss of desire but something that persists over time and in which the desire is practically non-existent.

If you suspect you are going through such a disorder, there are some scenarios or majorly questions you can ask yourself. If you can relate to at least half of these scenarios, there is a good chance that you are suffering from sexual dysfunction.

It might be a good idea to consult a professional to help you.

Scenario 1: Avoiding conversations with your partner about intercourse not to bring up a topic where you know there may be conflict.

Scenario 2: Feeling rejection towards the sexual act or any other conduct related to sex.

Scenario 3: Feeling like you have no sexual appetite.

Scenario 4: Feeling less sexually stimulated for your age and situation.

Scenario 5: Getting into arguments with your partner for having low sexual desire.

Scenario 6: Making excuses such as work, fatigue, family responsibilities or other reasons to justify your low sexual desire.

Scenario 7: Masturbating excessively.

Scenario 8: Feeling uncomfortable when others talk about sex and you find that your desire is lower than the rest.

Scenario 9: When you think about sex, you perceive it more as an obligation than something you want or like.

Scenario 10: Avoiding certain situations or moments so that you don't have to have sex.

These scenarios are to get your thoughts going and in no way are an assessment of your sexuality. Still, in the event that your answers indicate the possibility of the existence of a sexual desire problem, it is recommended that you do get help from a professional.

There are different kinds of sexual dysfunctions, and each has a different cause. Some of these scenarios could be one-off and may depend upon the situation. In any case, if these have been ongoing, there is a chance you might be needing help.

Talking about sexual dysfunctions is still quite a sensitive topic, especially for men, even though we have reached mars. It is pretty okay to talk to a psychologist or even get yourself medically examined.

The sexual dysfunction might also be indicative of an underlying condition that needs intervention. Therefore ignoring warning signals is not a good thing to do.

If you are a male and suspect that you are suffering from a condition, it is highly recommended that you get the best help. As a recommendation, Dr Artur Krajewski is an apt choice. Artur has over 20 years of experience with diagnosing and treating disorders of the male reproductive system, problems with impotence and infertility.

He specializes in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and if you want a consultation regarding your doubts, you can check his website at

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