Best Outing points in North Holland for Families

The crown jewel of Europe, North-Holland, is one of the many fascinating holiday destinations across the world that steals away the hearts of all travelers. It is a treasure trove of rich history, heritage, culture, and art. But here, the question arises that which is the best place to go in North Holland that will make you pack your bags right away.

North-Holland had got all for you in one place. Holland has numerous attractions to make your stay one of the most fun and unforgettable trips of your life. From zoos, such as Blijdorp, GaiaPark, Dolfinarium Safaripark. You can also try Beekse Bergen and the Apenheul, to fun-parks like Madurodam, Neeltje Jans, Duinrell and the world-famous Efteling. If you find one of the best outing places for families, you can also try familieuitjes Noord-Holland.


Little children will feel like giants when they enter the fantastic miniature world of the Madurodam in the Scheveningen. In this place, the popular parks feature small-scale replicas of the most famous landmarks, cities, and landscapes in the North-Holland. This park was opened in 1952. About ten million people come to walk among the beautiful tulips fields, visit the famous landmarks and spot the miniature KLM airplanes at the Schiphol airport.


Efteling is one of the fewer placed that is more magical. Covering the 1880 acres, an area that twice the original Disney land size, the theme park is one of the oldest places in the world. It is also the largest place in the country. It was open in 1952. It has been bringing the world's one of the favorite fairytales to life by attracting a whopping five million visitors each year. Efteling is one of the most popular attractions for the kids in the Holland. Most of the visitors throughout the land come to wander the fairy tale forest and as well as to spot their most favorite character. There are also 36 rides to enjoy, which are suitable for all ages.

Beekse Bergen Safari Park:

This place is for the little animal lovers will have the time of their lives getting up close with their favorite animals at the books bergen safari park. This park is located near the hilvarenbek in the South of the northland, and the park is home to approximately 1250 animals from over 150 species.

Just like the African safari, where the visitors have the chance to spot the zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards, and some of the other creatures while driving along the 5-kilometer marked route by the car. Suppose you are the person who wants to know more about the animals that they can also hop on the bus safari with an experienced ranger. If you want to hop in the boat or walk through the various natural habitats, you can do this because it is on the offer.

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